Flaky tests — a topic chewed through so many times. Yet, by talking to my colleagues and peers, I find that all of us have slightly different approaches and smart ideas on how to gain a bit more efficiency in reducing the number of them. So here are some pillars of prevention, detection and resolution of flaky E2E tests at Clark. It’s a long journey, so in the end there is a section on how to keep the business going until you tackle the flakiness.


When it comes to prevention, the first thing would definitely be to have as little…

The most frequent communication of them all, the one that can elevate the delivery to perfection, but also make us reinvent processes from the ground up, is the one between development and testing. To truly understand how to align on quality standards in that relationship, I decided to talk to one of most passionate developers I met to date. His name is Jan Buschtöns and he is Frontend Architect at Clark.

About Jan

Jan joined CLARK back in May 2018 as a Software Architect & Ember.js / Frontend specialist. He recently passed the iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA-F) exam.


When you start your first gig as a leader you usually need to manage people and steer roadmap of some sort. There is a whole new world around you. Your decisions do not impact only the product anymore, they impact your team now as well. And the ones that impact the product, they now carry even bigger burden than before.

In this post, I want to share my top 3 tips for people that are just starting in this kind of managerial role. These are things that I myself experienced and that helped me establish myself as a leader.

Listen more, talk less


Zlatan Čilić

QA Engineer in leadership world. Passionate about quality, people and food.

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