My top 3 tips for junior leaders

When you start your first gig as a leader you usually need to manage people and steer roadmap of some sort. There is a whole new world around you. Your decisions do not impact only the product anymore, they impact your team now as well. And the ones that impact the product, they now carry even bigger burden than before.

In this post, I want to share my top 3 tips for people that are just starting in this kind of managerial role. These are things that I myself experienced and that helped me establish myself as a leader.

Listen more, talk less

Person that has enough data can make the correct decision 99% of the time.

Elephant should be your favourite animal

This behaviour establishes you as a person that fights for change and is not afraid to take different stance when it’s needed.

Empathy empathy empathy empathy empathy

Empathy builds trust, and the journey you take your people on needs to be paved with trust.

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